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Lemon, Pea, Prawn & Asparagus Risotto

Shopping List


250g Raw peeled and de-veined prawns

2 Large white onion

2 Lemons

Bunch of Aparagus or 1 grated courgette

 2 Garlic cloves

30g of fresh or frozen peas

200g Risotto rice

2 Vegetable stock cubes

Olive oil




STEP 1 - Chop garlic, 2 white onions and add to a pan with olive oil, salt and pepper
STEP 2 - Allow onions to brown and add the juice and zest of 1 lemon.
STEP 3 - Add 30g of fresh/frozen peas, 200g of risotto rice and 150ml of vegetable stock and allow to simmer. Keep topping up with additional veg stock until rice has cooked through (ideally around 500ml of veg stock is needed for the recipe)
STEP 4 - Add 15g of peas, grated lemon zest, 2 chopped spring onions, 2 grated courgettes and add 10 minutes before serving.
STEP 5 - Grill your prawns and asparagus in a separate pan with garlic, a small amount of butter and once cooked serve on top of the risotto.
STEP 6 - Finish with grated Parmesan, lemon zest and a drizzle of garlic oil.

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