Sarahlous is all about everything I love. Food, creativity, health, wellness and an opportunity for people to enjoy cooking as much as me. Im a completely self taught chef and my love of food came from changing my relationship with food. 5 years ago I was overweight, unhappy and abusing my body with food and alcohol, I took steps to change and Sarahlous was born!

If you know me already you'll know if i'm not in the kitchen, i'm on some sort of holiday or adventure. I absolutely love to travel and to experience new cultures and cuisines wherever possible. I'm incredibly lucky to have made friends all over the world which I get to visit as often as possible!

I currently live in Newcastle upon Tyne with my 2 adorable Border Terriers - Baxter & Dougal (oh and the pet chicken Flossie!). They are quite simply my best buds and all seem to love a cuppa just as much as me!

The Independent said - She's brash without offence, down to earth and homely, yet at the same time brutal, wise and enviable all in one. You literally get what you see with Sarah and that's the beauty of her and what she's created. How could you not love it?